We are a focused wealth management practice which advises leading wealth creators in the UK and overseas.

Our clients are all very different, but they all have one thing in common. They are looking for sensible advice and guidance on how to manage their resources for the benefit of their families both now and in the future.

Our services are geared towards you as a Private Client and your family. We can help you with wealth management and tax planning. We like to think our style is approachable and we hope you will find us little less formal than some of the larger institutions who provide similar services. We assume no prior knowledge of yourself or your circumstances and we shall listen carefully to get to know you before we make any recommendations.

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Wealth Creation

We will consider existing assets held by a client and the risk profile of these assets. From here, we develop a portfolio specifically designed to our clients overall risk profile and investment objectives.

Wealth Preservation

This bespoke service is designed for clients who are transitioning from a wealth creation stage and wish to implement an inflation proofing strategy for their assets.

Strategic Tax Planning

In all wealth management strategies we incorporate high quality tax advice, to deliver the optimum tax
efficiency for our clients and their families.

Care & Co-ordination

An Introduction To Our Services

There are many financial institutions who can run investment portfolios well but for affluent private clients and their families, there is a wider tax and financial advice need that calls for equal attention. These needs are driven by financial and emotional incentives.

In parallel to co-ordinating UK and overseas assets for inflation protection, growth and/or income, we help our clients understand the potential impact of tax on their personal and commercial position and put in place a plan to mitigate the burden.

Our unique model is designed to accommodate the overall needs of private clients and their families who often have UK and overseas interests. Our model is built on experience, technical acumen, care, institutional resource and a creative approach to wealth management.

Our Core Principles

01. Personalised

We recognise that every client has different needs and aspirations. We commit to building close relationships and invest time in understanding peoples needs, strategies and future plans. Through this approach we provide proactive, relevant, value added advice and solutions.

02. Clarity

The term wealth management is often used without being defined with any degree of precision. Wealth management is the science of solving or enhancing an individual’s financial situation. We aim to strip away the complexity, and present clear, jargon free advice and solutions which are not only practical but understood and provide valuable decision support.

03. Expertise

We are one of the few wealth management firms in the UK that are also UK Chartered Tax Advisors, enabling us to deliver blended tax and wealth management expertise into a single solution. Our team comprises ex-big firm partners, directors and senior managers who have many years of tax experience and wealth management.

Wealth Architecture

Our concept of wealth architecture is the art of designing and delivering valuable wealth management solutions. The design process is affected by knowing what the client really wants and why they want to achieve this. Such as in the way a well designed building integrates with it’s environment,  this is also true to a wealth management solution and the client’s environment.

The architectural phase of our advice process is where we learn about a client’s objectives and provide initial proposals of what structures we would look to use. Equally, many of our client’s find this phase a key part of their own learning curve in terms of managing large sums for them and their family.

Acumensa are Chartered Tax Advisors and optimising your tax position is integral to what we do.

Whether your affairs are UK centric or multi-jurisdictional we can help you with tax planning and tax compliance. The international partners we work with are leaders in their field and we ensure a seamless co-ordination of international matters. Key areas we advise on include:

–  Assisting Entrepreneurs selling business interest
–  Advising families how best to hold different asset classes efficiently
–  Non UK nationals  living in the UK under the non-domicile regime
–  Co-ordination ok UK and international estate, gift and wealth tax
–  UK nationals moving overseas

Our Client Profile

We provide advice to clients and families who have created substantial wealth through one or more liquidity event.

You may have assets, business interests and family members in a few jurisdictions. We can help you through the complexity of building a tax efficient wealth strategy and a multi-generational plan. You are likely to have several banking and investment management relationships and there is a chance that these arrangements are all correlated in a similar way and may not be meeting the longer-term objectives of you or your family. We can help you check that your arrangements are doing what they are supposed to do.

Being an entrepreneur – The cycle of building your family’s wealth.

Over the years we have acted for many entrepreneurs. This has given us a deep insight into the issues that successful business people encounter as they transition from many hard years of creating wealth to the issues which then arise as wealth holders.

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Our Advice Process

Some of our clients have accumulated substantial amounts of capital from events such as a business sale. We see the natural temptation is to rush and in get the money invested and there will be a number of financial institutions who are happy to assist.

In fact, this is rarely the best thing to do, it is often better to work through a process which ensures that investment is based on your own and your family’s specific objectives amd which creates financial security and tax efficiency for the family now and future generations. This is the process we tend to go through with clients and normally involves the following stages.


Understanding your objectives

What are you looking to achieve and why?

Asset allocation

How capital should be split across different asset classes

Tax Optimisation

How these various asset should be held for tax efficiency

Specific Investments

Recommended specific products and investments


Implementing the proposed structures

Monitoring and Reviewing

Review and update strategy in line with markets, tax and needs

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